Capturing Dreamy California Homes

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Vacation Rentals

Light makes photography, and at Vela Imagery, we've dedicated years to appreciating and understanding it. By day, we showcase your vacation rental's interior, emphasizing its unique features. As twilight sets in, our lens captures the magic of the golden hour glow of the exterior. This dual approach presents your property in all its glory, from the cozy, naturally lit interiors to the enchanting exterior bathed in twilight warmth. We ensure every moment shines, making your property stand out in the competitive vacation rental market.

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Interior Design 

Creating captivating images for your portfolio, website, and marketing initiatives. Our expertise in interior design photography ensures that every element of your work is thoughtfully and artistically captured. We are committed to providing you with stunning visuals that elevate your designs and help you make a lasting impression on your clients.

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Lifestyle Photography

Make A Memorable First Impression With Our Host Portrait Sessions, Introducing Yourself To Your Guests In Style or Elevate Your Property's Appeal By Arranging A Lifestyle Shoot With Our Models, Showcasing The Full Range Of Amenities Your Home Has To Offer.

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After the shoot Pixieset, a downloadable online gallery, will be sent to the email you provide. Pixieset allows for downloading ona computer desktop and a mobile device. You can download thephotos in both high resolution and low resolution

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Digital Downloadable Gallery

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frequently asked questions

Question | Does the homeowner have to be onsite?

Answer | The homeowner doesn't need to be present onsite. Access instructions can be sent on the morning of the photoshoot. We only request that the home is prepared to your standards before our arrival. Ahead of time, we'll provide a suggested checklist to assist you in preparing the home.

Question | How long will the shoot take?

Answer | We suggest leaving the home vacant for the entire day. Typically, we capture interior shots in the morning and might return at a different time for exterior shots, depending on lighting conditions.

Question | When will i receive the photos?

Answer | Photos are delivered 5 days after the shoot. Next day delivery is available with a $75 rush fee

Question | When and how do i pay?

Answer | To secure the photoshoot date, a 30% deposit is required. The final invoice will be issued on the day the gallery is delivered. Watermarks will be present on photos until the final payment is received. We accept payments through Venmo, Zelle, Check, Cash, or Card.

Question | Does the photographer do any staging?

Answer | The home should be staged to the owners standards. The photographer will move small items to fit the frame and adjust things like pillows, blankets, and small decor. We do not move large furniture, remake beds, or clean a cluttered home. During winter months all outside covers must be removed before we arrive onsite. (spa, firepit, grill, etc.)

Question | Can I have the RAW FIles?

We do not give out the raw files. All photos received will be professionally edited and delivered in JPEG format.

Question | What if there is inclement weather?

Answer | If there is bad weather on the day of your shoot you will not be charged a rescheduling fee. We do not travel if the weather creates unsafe driving conditions.

Question | What if i have to cancel?

Answer | You will not be charged for cancellation if the shoot is cancelled 48 hours in advance. If you cancel inside the 48-hour window, a cancellation/reschedule fee of $100 is charged. If we are unable to access the property when we arrive or the agent/homeowner cancels the shoot at/after the scheduled appointment time, we will charge $100. If there are other contract workers on the property when we arrive we will charge $100