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frequently asked questions

Question | Does the homeowner have to be onsite during the photoshoot?

Answer | This is up to the homeowner. If you can not make it to the shoot you can provide us with the access instructions the morning of the shoot. We will make sure to adjust small things in the home such as fluffing pillows, blankets, and moving small decor to fit the shot.

Question | How long will the shoot take?

Answer | A minimum of 3 hours for most homes. Larger homes may take longer. It is best to schedule the shoot on a day that you will not be expecting guests. We can discuss this more during booking.

Question | Does the photographer do any staging?

Answer | We do light staging. For example we will fluff pillows, straighten blankets, and move small items to fit the frame. We do not move large furniture, it is best that the home is styled to your preference before we get there.

Question | How long will it take to receive the photos?

Answer | Our turn around is 7 days. A next day rush is available for $75