Capturing the essence of Big Bear's breathtaking rental properties. Whether you own a cozy cabin tucked away in the woods or a luxurious lakeside retreat, it's our goal to illuminate the true charm and allure of your rental space. With a specialization in Airbnb photography, we accentuate the distinctive features, cozy atmospheres, and breathtaking views that make these properties truly exceptional. 

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frequently asked questions

Question | How do you Source a Location?

Answer | We manage the entire location sourcing and booking process. With plenty of connections to beautifully curated home spots in Southern California, just let us know your interior design preference, and we'll liaise with the homes providing you with their respective booking costs.

Question | How much do locations cost?

Answer | Location costs vary depending on the location's hourly or daily rates and how much time your project requires. Keep in mind that location costs are separate from the photographer's and model's fees. If you want to save costs for the shoot, we can offer to capture your product in a natural environment like the beach, desert, or mountains.

Question | Do you work with Brands that arent based out of Southern California?

Answer | Absolutely! We work with brands worldwide and love that we can offer that coastal backdrop to any brand regardless of their location. We also offer custom quotes to travel to locations outside of California.

Question | Do you source the model?

Answer | We have connections with models we've collaborated with before, and with sufficient notice, we can also approach other models through modeling agencies. The fees for each model vary. Booking a model is not a mandatory requirement when securing a location; some brands prefer showcasing their products in a home backdrop without a model.

Question | What If I have to Cancel?

Answer | You will not be charged for cancellation if the shoot is cancelled 48 hours in advance. If you cancel inside the 48-hour window, a cancellation/reschedule fee of $100 is charged. If we are unable to access the property when we arrive or the agent/homeowner cancels the shoot at/after the scheduled appointment time, we will charge $100. If there are other contract workers on the property when we arrive we will charge $100

Question | Can I have the RAW FIles?

We do not give out the raw files. All photos received will be professionally edited and delivered in JPEG format.

Question | What if there is inclement weather?

Answer | If there is bad weather on the day of your shoot you will not be charged a rescheduling fee. We do not travel if the weather creates unsafe driving conditions.

Question | What items do you reccommend I add to the home?

Answer | Flowers, greenery, and candles are always a nice touch. If you offer amenities such as coffee or wine please have them out and ready to be photographed. 

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